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I am fully aware that the ANB Universe International Organization has entered in to a drug testing agreement and I am prepared to provide a urine sample for the purpose of analysis for the detection of banned substances at any time when requested. I will be present for the entire show to undertake any such testing required and I am aware that failure to show up or provide a sample will disqualify me from the competition and any monies paid will not be refunded or reimbursed. I fully understand that a condition of entering this contest was that I have not taken any banned substance prior to this competition and should I produce a positive test to a prohibited drug, I will be liable to reimburse the costs of testing, will renounce any title, placing, prizes and trophies awarded. I consent to the use of any photographs, video recordings or other printed or electronic media for the purpose of promoting this or future events, the ANBU or nominees or their promoters. Checking this box, signifies my agreement.