Competitors can choose to enter in more than one category subject to the categories age, weight or height restrictions and applicable entry fees. Additional $50 will be added to the registration event fee for second category. There will be NO music routines at the ANB Universe International Weekend Spectacular.


The Fitness Model category is for female competitors that are lean and fit with firm muscle tone. This is a model search and athletes are to have an attractive healthy look that is marketable in the Fitness Industry. Body fat is to be minimal and abs are to be seen but without being too lean or having too much muscle separation. There is not a set look in this class but more of what suits the competitor’s shape and what is pleasing to the eye. Athletes will be judged on their appearance and physique. This class is open to all competitors of all ages, gender and levels (min age is 16 years).


The Female Fitness Model Division comprises of two categories that are distinguished by age group. They are as follows:

  • Female Fitness Model Novice
  • Female Fitness Model  Under 25 years
  • Female Fitness Model Under 35 years
  • Female Fitness Model Classic over 35 years
  • Female Fitness Model Open ( open to any age or experience)


An expert Judging Panel for the Fitness Model Categories will be made up of professionals from within the fitness, fashion and health industry such as Modelling Agents, Professional Fitness and Fashion Photographers, Talent Scouts and Fashion Industry Members, as well as some Internationally Recognized fitness Celebrities.



There will be two rounds in the fitness model category and this will comprise of a:

  • Bikini Round 2
    Contestants will be asked to walk in a bikini and high heels across the stage. It is important to mention that two-piece swimsuits are required. Thongs or G-Strings are not acceptable.  
  • Theme/Sports Wear Round 1
    Contestants will be asked to walk on stage T-walk style displaying active/sports wear theme that will be of the athlete’s choice. The chosen attire must be tasteful and complementary to your body type.

Each round will be judged on the following attributes:

  • Body shape and condition and overall beauty -50%
    Our expert panel will be looking for fit, feminine contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with overall condition and beauty. Keep in mind this is not a bodybuilding or figure contest, so extreme muscularity and definition will be negatively scored.
  • Poise, posture, catwalk and presentation (including hair makeup and smile) -50%
    Our expert panel will be looking for contestants who have great stage presence and a very marketable look for fitness modeling.