Competitors can choose to enter in more than one category subject to the categories age, weight or height restrictions and applicable entry fees. Additional $50 will be added to the registration event fee for second category. There will be NO music routines at the ANB Universe International Weekend Spectacular.


Bikini consists of two parts: Group Comparisons and Individual Walk. Two piece suits and high-heeled shoes are worn both parties. Suits can be of any color, style, pattern, and décor (sequins, sparkles and rhinestones). Competitors may wear jewelry ( bracelet, earrings, necklace). Thongs are prohibited and the bottom of the suit must be v-shaped. Competitors must be over the age of 18 years old. You must be 18 years of age as of 1st January of the year you are competing in.

  • Swimsuit model novice
  • Swimsuit model under 21
  • Swimsuit model short under 163cm
  • Swimsuit model tall over 163cm

               *Novice cannot compete for the Pro-Card title but can compete to any open event category.


The individual presentation is a model stage walk. Bikini competitors walk out to music to rear center stage and pause briefly in stance of their choice. They then walk to front center stage and perform half turns to show front and back views, then walk to one side of the stage and pause briefly in stance of choice, then to the opposite side of the stage, then to the front before exiting. Individual presentation should be done tastefully and be conductive to a family atmosphere.



Each class is brought to front center stage and guided through half turn to display physiques from the front and back. Competitors are also asked to walk back several paces as a group toward the rear of the stage, and then return to the front when directed. Variances are permitted in stances, but at times a head judge may request a group all be in particular one. Typically, if a judge makes a specific request for front stances it is just to face directly forward so contestants aren’t twisted in various angles. If a judge request specific form for rear stances it is typically with a slight bend forward and ankles shoulder width apart. Specific arm and hand positioning is usually not called.



Judging is based on having an overall healthy looking toned body with good symmetry, fullness, balance, shape and proportion with good posture, general impression, poise confidence, stage presence and comfortable presentation. The competitor should display a very sexy and feminine attitude and keep relaxed. Other factors affects appearances are hair and make-up, suit, skin-tone. Bikini competitors should not display a deep muscle separation. NO FLEXING is allowed.


STAGE WALK: T- WALK (Click to View Video)