Competitors can choose to enter in more than one category subject to the categories age, weight or height restrictions and applicable entry fees. Additional $50 will be added to the registration event fee for second category. There will be NO music routines at the ANB Universe International Weekend Spectacular.

  • Round 1 Compulsory Poses
  • Round 2 Symmetry 

Competitors must have a trained athletic physique. Figure competitors should show muscle separation between all major muscle groups.

The following are the various Women's Figure Categories:



Open to any female figure competitor who as not won the same competition previously. 

  • Novice Figure Short - under 163 cm
  • Novice Figure Tall - over 163 cm

Open to all female figure competitors. The Open Figure has two height divisions as follows:

  • Open Tall Figure - over 163 cm
  • Open Short Figure - under 163 cm



Open to all female figure competitors of the age 35 years and over as of 1st January of the year you are competing in.

Judging for Figure is based on good leanness and conditioning with full, healthy and shapely muscularity, and good balance, proportion, and symmetry of both muscularity and conditioning. Figure competitors should not display deeply drawn-in faces or stingy – looking muscularity referring to emaciated look, indicative of extreme leanness or less shapely muscularity due to muscle glycogen depletion.



Each class is brought to front center of the stage and is guided through quarter turns to display physiques from the front, left, back, and right. Posing form is flexible. Figure competitors can use stances they feel display physiques in the most favorable manner. However, in cases of close decisions where judge is having difficult time deciding placement for two or more competitors, specific forms may be requested of all competitors, such as both feet together, and arms down by sides for the front stance, or feet together looking straight ahead with arms down by sides in a side stance, as examples. Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in quarter turns.

  • Compulsory Poses - Round 1 - 50%

              In this round competitors perform the following compulsory poses:
                              1. Front Double Bicep (hips facing the front)
                              2. Side Chest (any side)
                              3. Side tricep (any side)
                              4. Rear Double Bicep (spike one calf)
                              5. Abdomininal and Thigh

In this round judges are comparing competitors for the following:
Muscularity - The shape, and quality of all muscle groups.
Proportion - The balance of one muscle group against another.
Definition - Muscle separation, and sharpness.
Balance - Left side of the body compared to the right, front compared to rear.


  • Round 2 - Symmetry - Round 2 - 50%

    In this round the competitors will stand in numerical order facing the judges and they will perform four one quarter turns - the hips will be facing the judges, then the competitors will make three one quarter turns to the right thus displaying their physique from every angle.

    In this round judges are looking for the following:
    Proportion - The balance of one muscle group to another eg. Lower body to upper body, biceps to calves, waist to quadriceps etc.

               Balance - The left side of a competitors body compared to the right, the front compared to the rear, upper and lower.
               Symmetry - The competitors overall shape and line.


  • Round 3 - Free Posing
    Routine is optional .Routine is not judged. Competitors will pose to their own music for a maximum of 60 seconds.