Updated March 24, 2017 – This information is subject to change. Always be sure to see our social media posts and attend the competitor’s orientation usually before the events date for final update. 

Congratulations for choosing to join ANB competitions especially ANB Universe. It is our mission to provide each athlete an experience with the highest quality of service that you will remember for a lifetime.

ANB Universe International is both an amateur and professional competition. You compete as an amateur in any state/ national qualifier such as ANB NSWANB VictoriaANB WAANB QldANB SA and more. To earn Pro Status, a competitor must compete at a National or State show or Qualifying Show. The top winners will then earn their Pro Card. This allows the competitor to compete in a Pro Division.




Tanning will differ depending on who works on it. It would be so awful when an athlete work so hard for many weeks and not place because of a bad tan. Tanning is best when you entrust it to the best and the best bet is always to go with the contest tanning partner the ARTWORK . They will provide you with the easiest and high quality tan possible. They will be with you until the time you all out on stage and will provide you with any touch ups and glazing. 

Be sure to prepare your skin for tanning. Shower shortly before tanning and wear no deodorant or lotions. See additional instructions.

Tanning times and location: TBA

You can purchase tanning from our registration page at 

For questions please contact our Tanning Partner The Artwork, Jessica- 0452224539 or Sabrina-0421251074.


Hair and Make Up

Competition hair and make-up is like competition tanning. It is far more extreme than anything you would wear in public. Improper make-up can make you look pale and washed out. This is especially important, as your physique and your over-all look and femininity is judged.

You can purchase from our registration page upon registration  or through this link

For questions please contact our Hair and Make Up Partner The Artwork, Jessica- 0452224539 or Sabrina-0421251074.



Each competitor is permitted to bring only ONE coach to assist them pumping up and etc. Backstage areas must be keeping open as all competitors needs to have adequate space to pump up and prepare before their particular category.

Competitors are to present at the stage fully tanned and only touch-ups or final glaze/oil is permitted back stage. Full tanning will be outside of the venue.

Seats will be arranged for athletes only and Master of Ceremony will announce each category when required backstage before hand, and this will be your cue to go backstage.

Competitors are not required to go back stage any earlier so you will be given ample time to get ready for division.

Competitors can bring their own weights or apparatus to pump up.


  • Gym bag for your clothes and food
  • Resistance bands - although we have some weights in the pump up room, it will be very busy. Resistance bands are a great way to get pumped up back stage.
  • Towel - prepare to sweat
  • Clothing - prepare to be covered in tanning, so wear black. Loose cloths like sweat pants or a robe are best to keep your tan looking good. Flip-flops are recommended for footwear.
  • Extra Razor - in case you missed a spot


  • Professional camera equipment
  • Professional video equipment
  • Unsanctioned professional tanners
  • Unsanctioned professional Make-up artist




  1. Enter the stage and walk directly to the middle rear of the stage and pose at point 1. (Pose)
  2. After posing at point 1. walk to the front middle of the stage and pose at point 2. (Pose)
  3. Following point 2, keep to the front of the stage and walk to the (left) end of the stage at point 3.(pose)
  4. Then walk in the same line to the opposite side of the stage (right) point 4.(pose)
  5. Walk to back of the stage lined up in your order till all competitors are asked to come forward for comparisons. (Note: You are still being judged while you waiting here in your line-up so please ensure you continue to pose)